Buses (Guaguas)

To travel to Gran Canaria by public transport you can take buses (Guaguas) from the Global Company. They operate throughout the island. In Las Palmas de Gran Canaria you will also find the public transport service of the company Guaguas Municipales. The capital also has a Tourist Bus.

ALCAI UTINSA S.A. (GLOBAL) is the company that provides the regular interurban passenger service on the island of Gran Canaria. It was established in 2000, as a result of the merger between the two existing interurban transport operators on the island, SALCAI, and UTINSA. The headquarters are located in Viera and Clavijo 34 - 36. There are located their administrative offices and most of the management bodies. In Telde is its Maintenance Center: 22,000 square meters where they are responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of the company's own facilities, the maintenance of the vehicle fleet and the management of the fuel. GLOBAL has its own supply centers in Arucas, Gáldar, La Paterna, Ocean Park, Telde, Teror and Vecindario, with which it is intended to extinguish the external fuel supply centers.

The ticket cost will depend on where you get off (tell the driver). It is rare to stand in this bus, except for a few days in the summer. These buses are very punctual and highly recommend.

Their Buses at the Gran Canaria Airport:

Line 60: Gran Canaria Airport - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Line 91: Playa del Cura - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Line 66: Gran Canaria Airport - Faro de Maspalomas

Line 90: Telde - Faro de Maspalomas


One of the most convenient means of transport in the Airport in Gran Canaria is without a doubt the taxis. The average time of the journey to the center of Las Palmas is 20 minutes. The taxi service at the Gran Canaria Airport is very useful since it allows you to travel to any part of the city with the comfort, speed, and safety that characterize it. Also, you should keep in mind that taxi fares in the city of Las Palmas are the cheapest in Spain. Also, taxis must be chosen that are properly identified. You can easily identify the official taxis because they are white with a red stripe and the coat of arms of the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. It is recommended that you should reject offers from drivers outside the official taxi stand, as you could be the victim of a scam. If you wish to make a complaint, it is advisable to ask for the driver's ticket.

 The official taxi stops at the Gran Canaria Airport are located on the ground floor, at Arrivals, although they are also located in different areas of the terminal.

These are the taxi companies:

Socom Taxi, as it is the only taxi company available at the Gran Canaria Airport: 928 574 556. The Gran Canaria Taxi Commercialization Company (SOCOMTAXI), SC was created in 2007 with the objective of marketing the taxi of the South of Gran Canaria, creating a Management Center in which the latest technologies are located with the location of the satellite location and communications by GPRS, with which they can achieve faster service, shorter waiting time for customers to be served, also have the option to make payments for services with credit card in the taxi itself, all this in Socomtaxi (Telde, Ingenio, Agüimes, Santa Lucía de Tirajana, San Bartolomé de Tirajana and Mogán).

On the other hand, you can book your taxi by e-mail to |

The taxis at the Airport in Gran Canaria have different rates:

-Tariff 2: Applies weekdays from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Minimum fee: € 3.15

Price/km: € 1.10

Waiting time: € 15.05

-Tariff 3: Applies during the week, Sunday and holidays from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.

Minimum Fee: € 3.45

Price/km: € 1.26

Waiting time: € 15.05

There are also other supplements applied to trips to and from the Gran Canaria Airport (€ 1.70) or by calling a taxi from the Radio Taxi service (€ 0.50).

See below are the fixed rates not only to the city center of Las Palmas but also to other popular destinations in Gran Canaria:

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (San Telmo Park): € 27.95 (rate 2), € 31.61 (rate 3)

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Santa Catalina Park): € 32.35 (rate 2), € 36.65 (rate 3)

San Agustín: € 33.45 (rate 2), € 37.91 (rate 3)

Agüimes: € 15.85 (rate 2), € 17.75 (rate 3)

Playa del Inglés: € 41.70 (rate 2), € 47.36 (rate 3)

Maspalomas: € 41.70 (rate 2), € 47.36 (rate 3)

Puerto Rico: € 58.75 (rate 2), € 66.89 (rate 3)

Puerto de Mogán: € 64.25 (rate 2), € 73.19 (rate 3)

If you want to share the journey to your destination with other people to obtain a cheaper price, applications such as Uber * can be very useful. But the airport can’t guarantee the availability of Uber in Gran Canaria.

If you want to travel from or to the Gran Canaria Airport by private transport, there is a wide selection of transfers available at the airport.

 Other taxi service in Gran Canaria is Euro-Taxi Gran Canaria.

Eurotaxi is an association of businessmen that have a broadcaster service, concerned about giving a human response to the world they live in. The company does not reject new technologies, but use them in their proper measure, to guarantee their effectiveness and always favoring direct contact between the client and the taxi driver.

Eurotaxi, thanks to the new technologies and the innovative investment it has made in its power station and its vehicles serves its customers by their taxis, which increases the efficiency of the service, avoiding misunderstandings and gaining in rapids. In turn, this innovative way of working not only facilitates the good development of the service but also creates social ties between taxi drivers and their customers. It is simple and efficient, thanks to new technologies, but without forgetting the human side.

Phone: (+34) 928 469 000


The official taxi services of the island of Gran Canaria have in all cases a taximeter that indicates the amount during the trip. The rates shown are by taxi and way, with official rates approved by the Government of the Canary Islands. The Tourist Board of Gran Canaria is not responsible for changes and modification of them.