Terminal Information of Las Palmas, Gran Canaria Airport (LPA)

In 1970 the construction of a new passenger terminal began. In addition, the lateral margins of the runway and the taxiway are adapted for the traffic of the new reactors that initiate operations. The new terminal opened in March 1973, so it began to receive national traffic. The expansion of the Gran Canaria airport is a highlight of the Canary Islands Infrastructure Plan of the Ministry of Development, which plans to allocate more than 900 million euros to improve airports in the Canary Islands. The reform has entailed the expansion of the check-in and arrivals area, as well as new gateways for direct access to aircraft. Accesses and airport parking have also been improved. The new terminal has a functional and sustainable design that guarantees efficient management of resources and integration with the environment. The works represent a significant increase in airport capacity that can serve more than 15 million passengers per year.

In the airport are 4 check-in areas. The first Check-in Area 1 includes desks from 101 to 118, is located in the newest part of the airport. It was opened on 16 July 2014 and serves flights operated by Binter Canarias and CanaryFly. Generally, it involves inter-island flights between the Canary Islands or to Morocco. In case of high demand, check-in Area 1 may provide overflow capacity for Areas 2, 3 and 4. Check-in Area 2 involves desks from 201 to 234. The area is situated in the first part of the "new" airport which opened in 1973. In 2014, it was completely renovated and is mainly used for flights operated by Ground Force (Globalia Handling). Check-in Area 3 consists of desks from 301 to 352. It is located in the second part of the "new" airport that was opened in 1991. Area 3 is normally used for flights operated by Iberia and Ground Force. Furthermore, airline Norwegian Air Shuttle has special check-in desks and self-check-in podiums situated to the southern end of Area 3. Check-in Area 4 comprises desks from 401 to 406. It is situated downstairs between the police station and the main car rental offices (Hertz, Europcar, CICAR, TopCar, Gold Car and Avis Rent a Car System). This area is used exclusively by Ryanair.

At the airport, there are two security filters where passengers get through from the general public areas into the departures area. At these security filters passengers and their hand luggage is scanned to be sure not to pass the prohibited items. The main security filter is situated between Check-in Areas 2 and 3. There is also a second filter situated in Check-in Area 1. It was intended to serve passengers of Binter Canarias and CanaryFly exclusively.

The terminal departures area consists of 4 zones A, B, C, and D. Zone A is intended for flights to the other Canary Islands, Zones B and C are intended for European Union and Scandinavian flights and Zone D is - for other international flights. The gates that are located in the Zone A are at ground floor level to the Northern end of the terminal. Other gates are placed on the first floor. They are at the same level as the security filters into departures. Those in Zone D are featuring additional security to allow for the screening of international passengers.