Luggage service

The airport has lost luggage service and baggage wrapping machine. It includes services to resolve incidents with checked baggage (destruction, loss, damage or delay). At the airport is placed the suitcase plastic wrap machines and it is located in the check-in area.

Lost objects

In the airport are located offices to claim or collect forgotten belongings at the airport. The office of lost property’s email is It is located on the Floor 2 in the Departures area, the exclusive area of passengers.

Currency exchange and ATMs

Currency exchange and ATMs are available to the traveler. At Exact Change, you can purchase and sale of more than 80 currencies in foreign banknotes, traveler's check, acceptance of credit and debit cards, international money transfers, tax refund and airline bonds. It has locations at the Floor o- Arrival Hall and Floor 1- Boarding area.

Phone: 928 574 666

Fax: 928 574 666


Services for disabled persons

The airport has a free assistance service for passengers with reduced mobility. Ask for assistance so that when you arrive at the airport everything is already ready. You can request on airport's website the assistance service for people with reduced mobility, at least 48 hours in advance. Remember that you must always communicate your needs to your airline to ensure your place on the plane. Aena also puts at your disposal a telephone service that will meet your needs for reduced mobility 24 hours a day. Telephone 902 404 704 / (+34) 91 321 10 00.

Aena has a line of information and chats attention for passengers with hearing and/or speech disabilities. This service allows the disabled user to contact the Information and Telephone Attention Service from their computer, tablet or smartphone, accessing through the following link to the chat, and without the need for other people to act as intermediaries. The service is operational from 07:00 to 24:00, every day of the year.

Meeting points

The airport of Gran Canaria has meeting points associated with the help service for people with reduced mobility.

Sidewalk arrivals Building Terminal national area

Sidewalk arrivals Terminal Building zone 2

Boarding gates A09-A11

Billing area. Counters 401-406

Bus stop. Floor 1. Departures

Sidewalk exits counter area billing 101-108

Sidewalk exits counter area check-in 201-234

Sidewalk exits counter area billing 301-352

Billing area. Counters 101-118

Billing area. Counters 201-234

Billing area. Counters 301-352

Boarding gates C19 - C21

Information desks

The area information services to provide assistance and guidance to passengers, such as airport information points, meeting points, and tourist information.

Internet access

Free Wi-Fi service is offered by Aena when connecting to the AIRPORT FREE WIFI AENA network. It is possible to register by e-mail, Facebook, LinkedIn or Aena Club Client. The access is agile and without codes, and allows the registration of several devices by the user.

Business Center

There are rooms such as meetings rooms and a press room for rent for receptions, conferences, press conferences, courses and work meetings.

The conference hall is the room, with has a capacity for 74 listeners and 5 speakers, and it is equipped with the most modern audiovisual media.

Telephone: 928 579 005/928 579 921

Fax: 928 579 118


It is located on the Floor 2- Departures, the exclusive area for passengers.

Security forces

Security forces and bodies are available to assist passengers and ensure their safety.

Medical assistance

Services and equipment are accessible to respond to emergency situations and specific care.

First aid is located on the Floor o, in the Departures lobby.

Phone: 928 579 112

Hours: 24 hours

The Gran Canaria Airport has 16 Cardiac Rescue Points that aim to help users in case of cardiac arrest. You can check the location of these defibrillators in the airport plans.

Family service

Baby services and children's spaces are available to make waiting for families with children more pleasant.

Post and Telegraph

Offices and mailboxes are available for mailings and other last-minute postal procedures.

The post office is located on the Floor O – Arrivals hall.

Phone: 928 579 406

Hours: 08:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Monday to Friday

Religious services

Space is reserved for worship and prayer at the airport. Multi-faith Oratory is open on Sundays and holidays at 12.00. It is located on the Floor 2, in the Departures area - the exclusive area for passengers.

Food and Shopping

At the airport, you can find a variety of shops and food facilities. There are wide selections of shops, where you can buy things like jewelry, personal care products, watches, gifts and decorations, press and convenience, etc. As regarding the food facilities, there is a great choice of place you can choose that are offering to start from cafes and takeaway foods, fast food, beer and wine offering places and restaurants.

VIP lounges

This is for flights Schengen and non-Schengen. It is located in an exclusive area for passengers on the second floor of Zone C, departures. It has a 160 m2 terrace overlooking the ocean.