Departures of Las Palmas, Gran Canaria Airport (LPA)

The Gran Canaria Airport consists of the main building divided into three terminals: A, B, and C. Area A are the Green Terminal. It operates with Schengen flights to the EU. The check-in at this terminal is done on the upper floor. The parking areas are connected to Area B. Area B is the Orange Terminal. It operates domestic flights to the Iberian Peninsula (Madrid, Barcelona, etc.). On the other hand, it also operates non-Schengen international flights in the "center" of the terminal. Area C is the Red Terminal. It operates inter-island flights between the Canary Islands. It is noteworthy that there is no passport control or documents at Arrivals.

The airport is divided into three levels. The ground level is the arrivals level, the first is for departures and the second is food and shopping area.

As mentioned above the Departures Level is located on the first ground. It has gates from C1 to C35, from west to east and also gates from B6 to B1; they are situated at the west end and after gates B58/B6. There are located the check-in facilities and it is divided into Zones A through D. Zone A is intended for flights to the other Canary Islands and to Morocco, mainly by Binter and CanaryFly. Its check-in desks are located from 101 to 118. Its Gates is from A1 to 15 and they are located on ground level, at the northern end of the terminal. Zones C and B functions for European Union and Scandinavian flights by the Ground Force (Globalia Handling and Cargo) and Iberia. Their check-in desks are from 201 to 234. Their gates are also located on level 1. Zone D is intended for international flights that need added security screening with check-in desks located from 301 to 352. It’s placed downstairs, between the Rental Car Offices and the Police Department. Two separate security checks get you to the boarding area that has eight passport control stations and access to the gates.

More information about arrivals and departures you can check on Arrivaldep website.

The check-in desks are located at the next points:

  • Floor P0, departures with desks from 401 to 406 New Window; and
  • Floor P1, departures with desks from 101 to 118, from 201 to 234, and from 301 to 352 New Window.

You should go and see which check-in desk is assigned to your flight on the information screens. You should arrive at the airport with enough time to avoid unexpected problems. The normal rule is 2 hours before the flight is scheduled to depart.

All passengers must pass the security checkpoint to access the boarding area through a metal detector arc and pass their hand luggage and the rest of the objects they carry (coats, jackets, mobiles, keys) with a team of X-rays. Before passing the security check, the passenger will be asked for his boarding pass. To facilitate the passage of objects through the scanner, especially in the case of small items, you must use the special trays that are available to users. The Fast Lane is accessible to companies for the usage of their favored passengers and all passengers who purchase an access.